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Specialist healthcare for drug addiction in Catalonia

Information necessary to access the Catalan health system and the Drug Dependence Treatment Network for Catalonia.



The Catalan public healthcare system is universal. To access the network of services users have to identify themselves with an individual health card (TSI).

In Catalonia, the Ministry of Health draws up policies and plans regarding health and the Catalan Health Service (CatSalut) is responsible for ensuring that services are made available to the public effectively and are of acceptable quality.

CatSalut thus functions as a public insurer, using public funding to guarantee the provision of healthcare services, subcontracting them to different providers who make them available to the public.

The individual health card (TSI), is free of charge for all people registered as residents in Catalonia, regardless of their age or country of origin.

To obtain it, go to the primary care centre (CAP) corresponding to your address, or to another centre you have chosen, and fill in an application form.

If you are not registered as a resident and would like to start treatment for substance abuse and/or dependence at an outpatient centre for drug dependence care and follow-up (CAS), or attend one of the centres for harm reduction in Catalonia, you can contact the social worker in the centre, who will process the application for your health card.

Health in Catalonia



Is the public organization responsible for managing and responding to health emergency assistance requests in Catalonia, made through the emergency telephone numbers 112 and 061, being this latter for the provision of health information and advice.

Medical Emergencies