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Law of associations of cannabis consumers approved in Catalonia

The Catalan Parliament approves the Law of Consumer Associations of Cannabis, as result of a popular legislative initiative

14/07/2017 18:07


On June 28, 2017, the Parliament of Catalonia approved the Law of consumer associations of cannabis, as result of a popular legislative initiative (ILP) that began to be processed in April 2015. In force since July 14, you can consult theLaw, 13/2017, of July 6, of the associations of consumers of cannabis (Catalan version).


The law regulates the associations of cannabis consumers, which must be "non-profit associations, legally constituted, that provide for itself and distribute cannabis among their associates, all of them of legal age, who consume this substance in a private zone, whether for recreational or therapeutic purposes, thus reducing the social and health damages associated with the underground market and certain uses of cannabis."


The law devotes a chapter to the collaboration with other administrations in the matter of policies of risks prevention and harm reduction associated with the consumption.


Relevant points of the law:

  • The law regulates consumption, transport and cultivation.
  • Limitation of the cultivation by the association: Maximum of 150 Kg. per year.
  • Only members can buy
  • The personal consumption of members is limited. From 18 to 21 years old: 20 grams per month. Older than 21 years: 60 grams per month. This amount may increase only for therapeutic reasons.
  • Members must wait 15 days after signing up to be able to buy.


 In the final provisions, the law provides for the creation of a monitoring commission for its application, gives a year to the existing associations to adapt to the new regulations and anticipates the possibility of creating a new tax on Cannabis.


This law is the result of the associative movement in support of the regulation of cannabis consumption that proposed a popular legislative initiative through the collection of 50,000 signatures, forcing the Catalan Parliament to debate the possibility of developing a law to regulate the Associations of Cannabis users. Before this parliamentary debate, more than 35 experts from different working areas, among which were Joan Colom, director of the Programme on Substance Abuse of the Public Health Agency of Catalonia, presented the key contents to the Members of Parliament to establish their positioning.

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